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Professor Rath was a Graduate Studies, Foreign Expert Professor with Peking Union Medical College of Tsinghua University. According to the Medical College’s Chinese Professors and Managers, the lessons the students learned in Rath’s courses, flowed over to greater success in the students’ other courses at the Medical College as well.

These are the inherent abilities of an experienced, dynamic and dedicated teaching professional. This comes from the essence of a well rounded educator devoted to their students’ success. This resolute and enthusiastic nature demonstrates a well of reserve talents and experience that comes from a true professional.

Yet, how does one develop into such a professional? The essential qualities necessary are the fundamental nature of professionalism which grows from their upbringing, experience and loyalty to that which matters most; the success of their students in their professions and in their lives.

The information below will maybe assist you to more fully understand the inborn and hereditary characteristics, as well as the influences and determinant factors of a dynamic dedicated professional. It is hoped that you will enjoy the following narrative, thank you.

* Professor Rath’s Father was a celebrated Naval Hero, a US Navy Commander in both the European and Pacific Theaters. Jeffrey's Mother was a decorated radio-telegrapher in the Women’s Navy (WAVES) during WW II and is also a disabled Veteran.

Commander Rath’s family, his wife and three sons, later four sons, traveled extensively living in various countries including in Asia, as the needs of the US Navy dictated. This provided an ideal learning environment for the ‘Rath Boys’ in multicultural understanding and much more.

Commander Rath was involved in many professional career positions including as a Liaison between the US Navy and various foreign governments. The ‘Rath Boys’ learned at their Father’s knee about the subtleties and difficulties that can often arise when working among different cultures and governments. Jeffrey would apply that knowledge wisely as he matured

The visit of President Richard Nixon to China in February 1972 was a vitally important step forward and a significant moment in the history of Sino-American relations. Among many initiatives that began with that historical event, was that the government of the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) was committed to opening up the Mainland to air travel between China and the USA.

It was fortuitous then that Jeffrey’s great grandfather, Charles Beach Boothe, was the Comprador for Dr.. Sun Yat-sen, Sun Zhong-shan. History shows that Boothe was maybe instrumental in finding funding, political backing and more to assist Sun and others towards the successful 1911 Revolution. That revolution overthrew the Ching dynasty and began providing the Chinese People with a budding Democratic Republic.

In the summer of 1979, Rath was requested by Trans World Corp. and Trans World Airlines, Inc.(TWA), the preeminent American Airline, for Rath to act for TWA in negotiations with the PRC. It was their expectation and goal that these negotiations would lead to the selection of TWA as the first American airline to maintain air service between America and Mainland China.

That summer Rath contacted an old family friend, Madame Soong Ching-ling, the widow of Sun Gong-shan. Madame Soong was then, the Vice-Chairman of the Peoples Standing Committee of Agriculture and Transportation for the PRC.

At the time, due to Madame Soong’s advanced age and moreover health concerns; it was determined by the PRC that these discussions and negotiations would best be conducted by way of the Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China in Paris, France.

These earnest discussions and in-depth negotiations with the representatives of the government of the PRC would prove to be successful for China, TWA and Rath. The PRC then selected TWA as China’s choice to be the first American Air Carrier since the Communist Revolution in 1949 to be permitted to operate in mainland China.

In the new Millennium Rath assisted the Czech Republic, Interior Ministry and the Czech Alien and Border Police in a challenging transition towards a Passport Free Europe, the Schengen Accords. Via Rath’s input, progress was achieved by subtle modifications to the methodologies then used by these agencies.

These changes would advance and promote a smoother transition and implementation of the Schengen Accords, which promotes the opening of borders between the signatory countries. An additional benefit, was that Rath’s solutions also assisted the many foreign workers within the Check Republic to remain in their positions assisting the Czech's towards modernization.

Keeping busy in the new millennium, Rath was approached by an old friend from his days as a lecturer at the University of Hawai'i-Manoa, the honorable Madame Gu Xiulin. The government of China was continuing their work towards a viable Social Security system for the PRC. Madame Gu asked her old friend Prof. Rath for assistance.

Rath provided Madame Gu with cooperation, valuable insights, facts and referrals for consultations and facilitated with the American Diplomat in charge of Social Security in Beijing, to offer possible solutions for the important issues in Social Security for the Chinese People.

Madame Gu labored diligently and skillfully and with her many talents accomplished outstanding work as the Vice-Chairman of the Peoples Standing Committee for Social Security and Women’s Issues for the PRC. This work greatly benefited the people of China towards a safer and more secure future for the elders and others of China.

Madame Gu must be humbly proud of her accomplishments and Rath is pleased that he could offer his own humble abilities to help accommodate in some small way the PRC towards progress to these important goals.

In conclusion, a professional is more than just a piece of paper. They are the sum of their experience, understandings, training, enthusiasm for their goals and the solid accomplishments of a lifetime of diligent and dedicated work. These talents are what advanced students seek and from which they desire to learn and grow.

It is only natural that students and their superiors want the very best. Now it is left to you to decide. Which choices will you make for the best benefits of your students, your university or your business? Rath wishes you the very best possible choices in your endeavors, thank you.

LINK: http://www.jeffreyrath.spokenskills.com

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